Breaking Barriers: Experience AI Theory in Action at Intel® AI DevCon Beijing

Around the globe, Intel® AI DevCon (Intel AIDC) events bring together top minds in data science, machine and deep learning, application development, infrastructure architecture, and research to share innovative ideas and show practical implementations that break barriers between model and reality. Our next AI DevCon event is taking place in Beijing at the China World Trade…

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SC18 Overview

Intel AI at SC18

Today’s high-performance computing (HPC) systems are unleashing discovery and insights at an unprecedented pace. The intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and HPC is transforming industries from healthcare to transportation while solving some of the toughest socio-economic and scientific challenges in our world. Intel offers a hardware and enabling software portfolio of unprecedented choice and scale…

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Reintroducing PlaidML

Now that Vertex.AI has joined Intel’s Artificial Intelligence Products Group, we are pleased to reintroduce the PlaidML open source tensor compiler. We are committed to further maintaining and developing this project as an nGraph library back end. The PlaidML back end with nGraph will bring deep learning to new platforms. It will enable training on…

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OpenVINO™ Model Server Boosts AI Inference Operations

When executing inference operations, AI practitioners need an efficient way to integrate components that delivers great performance at scale while providing a simple interface between application and execution engine. Thus far, TensorFlow* Serving has been the serving system of choice for several reasons: Efficient serialization and deserialization Fast gRPC interface Popularity of the TensorFlow framework…

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Diagnosing Lung Disease Using Deep Learning

Introduction Emphysema, a progressive lung disease that impacts breathing ability, affects more than 3 million people in the United States, and more than 65 million people worldwide. Early detection is key in stopping the progression of emphysema, which in severe cases is life-threatening. Pneumonia, a lung infection that also impacts breathing, causes another 1.4 million…

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Accelerate Vision-based AI with Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Inspecting parts for defects before they continue through the manufacturing process. Identifying different items being placed into a shopping basket for a checkout-free retail experience. Computer vision’s broad range of usage models makes it one of the most exciting AI applications today. However, even after a deep learning model is trained, significant challenges remain before…

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Sailing the Seas of Autonomous Shipping

International shipping is involved in 90% of world trade.[1] Just take a look at to see the thousands of ships carrying millions of containers to get a sense of how truly enormous global shipping is on a daily basis. With significant opportunities to improve safety and efficiency in this huge market, a Rolls-Royce team…

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Deep Learning is Coming of Age

In the early days of artificial intelligence (AI), Hans Moravec asserted what became known as Moravec’s paradox: "it is comparatively easy to make computers exhibit adult-level performance on intelligence tests or playing checkers, and difficult or impossible to give them the skills of a one-year-old when it comes to perception and mobility.” This assertion held…

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