Technology Announcement:
nGraph: A New Open Source Compiler for Deep Learning Systems

We are pleased to announce the open sourcing of nGraph, a framework-neutral Deep Neural Network (DNN) model compiler that can target a variety of devices.

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AI CTO Office Blog:
Deep Learning to Study the Brain to Improve...Deep Learning

“The interplay between AI and neuroscience is one of my favorite topics, and one that several of us on the AI team at Intel have personally worked on.”

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Recent Blog:
TensorFlow* Optimizations for the Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor

TensorFlow* is one of the leading deep learning and machine learning frameworks today.

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Recent Blog:
Teaching Machines to do Image Classification in Health and Life Sciences

At Intel, we’re quite interested in how systems can be made smarter to solve meaningful tasks relevant to healthcare providers and patients today.

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Recent Blog:
Powering Precision Medicine with Artificial Intelligence

Precision medicine is one of the most exciting and encouraging advances in healthcare today.

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Partnership Update:
Solving Out of This World Challenges with NASA FDL

For most people, “outside the box” doesn’t mean “out of this world”.

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See How AI is Reshaping Business and Society

Early adopters of AI across industries and organizations are uncovering significant breakthroughs based on deep information within data. AI is paving the way to solve highly complex medical challenges, advance scientific research, and better predict events and human behavior.

Powering the Driving Experience

Ferrari* and Intel are collaborating to improve the driving experience using AI techniques to better synthesize data.

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Making Personal Finance Easier

The Clinc* AI genie “Finie” helps simplify personal finance for customers.

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Advancing Brain Research

Intel Labs and Princeton Neuroscience Institute are using AI to enable neuroscientists to map the human mind in real time, unlocking secrets on how brain activity affects learning, memory and other cognitive functions.

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Protecting Ocean Health

Intel is collaborating with Parley for the Oceans to use AI to analyze whale health in a mission to protect the world’s oceans.

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Solving Business Problems

AI is transforming industries by spotting financial fraud, identifying manufacturing errors, diagnosing heart disease, finding missing children, and optimizing crop yields.

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Enhancing Entertainment

Computer-generated characters with astonishingly human resemblance, interactive exhibits that evolve from audience interaction, and art that responds to peoples’ emotions are just some of the new AI film innovations.

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Make Business Intelligence Scalable and Adaptable

Business, science, and academia are using AI applications — in the data center, the cloud, and at the edge — supported by a broad, growing portfolio of Intel technologies. Watch Naveen Rao, Intel VP and GM, Artificial Intelligence Products Group, explain how Intel helps make AI initiatives practical and straightforward.

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