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Together, Ziva and Intel AI are helping deliver more lifelike characters to screens of all shapes and sizes faster and more efficiently than ever before. This is AI on Intel.

Computer-generated characters in movies and games are time-consuming and expensive to create, relying on scans that take months—in some cases, even years—to accomplish. And once these characters are created, they often lack the lifelike features and behaviors you would expect given the time it takes.


Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors give Ziva* software the computationally intense performance to generate real-time characters that can progressively learn body movements, while easily applying features and behaviors from one character to another. Thanks to Intel AI, Ziva has been able to slash the time and costs for production companies of all sizes, creating virtual characters with machine learning algorithms used to simulate lifelike appearances and movements.

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How could AI not have an impact on media? Its going to impact every aspect of how we create and how we consume.

– Shelley Palmer, Media and Technology Expert

In almost every creative enterprise, artificial intelligence will augment what creatives are making. Filmmakers, game designers, writers, and artists will all benefit from emerging AI tools. Media professionals also benefit from accelerated content creation at new levels of personalization.


As a VFX artist, James Jacobs always yearned to create more complex, life-like creatures. Now as an Academy Award winner and CEO of Ziva Dynamics, he’s using Intel AI to achieve that dream.


If you want to get the most out of AI, you need hardware and software optimized for certain tasks. That’s where Intel Xeon processors come in. Updated specifically to run high-performance AI applications alongside the data center and cloud applications they already run, Intel Xeon Scalable processors have the compute and memory to handle all your major AI tasks—from classic methods to deep learning.


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