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Distributed Deep Learning

Will Constable, Head of Distributed Deep Learning Algorithms, gives a refresher on deep learning and explains how to parallelize model training.

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Intel & MobileODT Cervical Cancer Screening

In this competition, Intel is partnering with MobileODT to challenge Kagglers to develop an algorithm which accurately identifies a woman’s cervix type based on images. Doing so will prevent ineffectual treatments and allow healthcare providers to give proper referral for cases that require more advanced treatment.

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Sentiment Analysis

A LSTM-based model constructed in neon to perform sentiment analysis on live Twitter stream.

Video Recognition

This demo showcases the C3D model for activity recognition in videos. Neon provides the fastest implementation of this model and achieves state of the art results on the UCF-101 dataset.

Speech Recognition

neon™’s implementation of Baidu’s "Deep Speech 2" model for speech recognition trained on audio-books from the Librispeech corpus.
Spectrogram (top left), raw audio (top right), and FFT spectrum (bottom).

Research Showcase

Faster CNNs with Direct Sparse Convolutions and Guided Pruning

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INQ: Incremental Network Quantization: Towards Lossless CNNs with Low-Precision Weights

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Chess Game Concepts Emerge Under Weak Supervision: A Case Study of Tic-Tac-Toe

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On Large-Batch Training For Deep Learning: Generalization Gap and Sharp Minima

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