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Episode 67: A Conversation with Amir Khosrowshahi

Episode 67 of Voices in AI features host Byron Reese and Amir Khosrowshahi talk about the explainability, privacy, and other implications of using AI for business. Amir Khosrowshahi is VP and CTO at Intel. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard in Physics and Math, a Master’s Degree from Harvard in Physics, and a Ph.D. in…


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Film Characters and Creatures Brought to Life with Intel AI

Ziva Dynamics makes it possible to create realistic characters and creatures for motion pictures and entertainment. SciTech Academy Award winner and Ziva Dynamics Co-Founder and Co-CEO James Jacobs discusses how his company uses machine learning algorithms running on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor-based servers and Intel-optimized frameworks to render incredibly lifelike characters and creatures at scale.…


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Deep Learning Topologies with Yinyin Liu

Algorithms for building neural networks have existed for decades. For a long time, neural networks were not widely used. Recent changes to the cost of compute and the size of our data have made neural networks extremely useful. Our smart phones generate terabytes of useful data. Lower storage costs make it economical to keep that…


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New Capabilities for Decision Support from Intel Saffron AI

Jake Graham, Director of Product Management for Intel Saffron AI, joins us to discuss the launch of the Intel Saffron AI Quality and Maintenance Decision Support Suite. Intel Saffron AI enables enterprise customers to make better decisions more quickly through an artificial intelligence reasoning system. Intel Saffron's AI Quality and Maintenance Decision Support Suite helps…


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