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Intel enables a broad ecosystem of businesses who seek to optimize, recommend and resell their solutions on Intel® AI products.

Global partner programs include:

Intel also offers support for AI start-ups. Contact us to help you take your AI start up to the next level.

Intel® AI Builders

AI Builders Overview | How to Join AI Builders

Intel AI Builders supports ecosystem enablement. Intel works with its AI Builders Members to:


Accelerate the optimization of Member solutions on Intel AI technology.


Develop case studies, solution briefs, and reference architectures that demonstrate Member optimizations designed to help speed solution deployments.


Promote Member solutions to the AI ecosystem and potential customers.

Intel® Technology Provider

Intel Technology Provider (ITP) Partners have access to resources that help them sell Intel products.

ITP's Channel Training portal provides access to the latest technology, industry trends, verticals, and key strategic focus areas, including AI.

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