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Jan 24, 2018   |  

neon™ 2.6.0: Inference Optimizations for Single Shot MultiBox Detector on Intel® Xeon® Processor Architectures

We are excited to release the neon™ 2.6.0 framework, which features improvements for CPU inference path on a VGG-16 based Single Shot multibox Detector (SSD) neural network. These updates, along with the training optimizations released in neon 2.5.0, show that neon is gaining significant boosts in both training and inference performance.  (Granular configuration details, as well…

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Model Zoo

neon™ comes with its own Model Zoo featuring pre-trained weights and example scripts for state-of-the-art models — the ones you see below are just a few.

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Image Classification

- GoogLeNet
- Alexnet

- Deep Residual Network
- All CNN

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Object Localization


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Scene Classification

Deep Residual Network

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Image Captioning


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Video Games

Deep Q-network

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bAbI (Question Answering)
-GRU/LSTM model
sentiment classification
-LSTM (IMDB dataset)

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C3D (UCF101 dataset)

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Deep Speech 2 (Librispeech dataset)

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Video Recognition

A fast 3D convolution network, C3D-based model for activity recognition using neon on the UCF-101 dataset.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Neon’s implementation of Baidu’s "Deep Speech 2" model for speech recognition trained on audio-books from the Librispeech corpus.
Spectrogram (top left), raw audio (top right), and FFT spectrum (bottom).

Sentiment Analysis

A LSTM-based model constructed in neon to perform sentiment analysis on live Twitter* stream.

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