Highlights from this release include:

* deconvolution and weight histogram visualization examples and documentation
* CPU convolution and pooling layer speedups (~2x faster)
* bAbI question and answer interactive demo, dataset support.
* various ImageLoader enhancements.
* interactive usage improvements (shortcut Callback import, multiple Callbacks init, doc updates, single item batch size support)
* set default verbosity level to warning
* CIFAR10 example normalization updates
* CUDA detection enhancements [#132]
* only parse batch_writer arguments when used as a script, allow undefined global_mean [#137, #140]

As always, you can grab this release from github at: https://github.com/NervanaSystems/neon

examples of deconvolution visualization

Fig. 1: Deconvolution visualization example

example of weight histogram visualization

Fig. 2: Weight histogram visualization example

Scott Leishman
Algorithms Engineer

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