Intel® FPGAs Powering Real-Time AI Inferencing

Data is exploding at a massive pace across the globe and needs sophisticated algorithms, software, and powerful compute that can handle, manage, and provide real-time artificial intelligence (AI) inferencing. The tremendous growth in data and the need for better insights, has led to the rapid adoption of AI. A common approach to implement AI algorithms…

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Accelerate Threat Detection with nLighten*, Cybraics’ Advanced Security Analytics and Artifcial Intelligence Platform

The average consolidated total cost of a data breach is USD 4 million. While more difficult to measure, the impact on a company's brand, lost revenue opportunities, and lost growth potential can be equally disastrous. On average, threats go undetected for over 200 days before a recognized breach occurs. This dwell time is a critical…

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Montefiore Health System Improves Patient Outcomes and Healthcare Efficiency with Semantic Data Lake and Artificial Intelligence Powered by Intel Technologies

  Untold medical breakthroughs are trapped within the data silos that persist even in the current digital era. Unlocking the potential in this data requires uniting disparate databases that may have different nomenclatures or other structural incompatibilities — a significant challenge that typically requires costly manual labor to address. Montefiore, a premier academic health system…

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Perform AI-Driven Medical Imaging Efficiently and Cost-Effectively on Intel® CPU-Based Systems

Intel teamed up with Phillips to show that servers powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors could be used to efficiently perform deep learning inference on patients' X-rats and computed tomography (CT) scans, without the need for accelerators. The ultimate goal for Phillips is to offer artificial intelligence (AI) to its end customers without significantly increasing…

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Stay Ahead of Fraud with Big Data Analytics

Fraud is on the rise–and no industry is immune. From healthcare to insurance to firms with highly valuable intellectual property, targeting companies are losing billions. In fact, it is estimated that the typical organization loses five percent of its annual revenue to fraud. Hit particularly hard are financial services, communications, technology, and entertainment...

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Embedded Analyst: AI without Borders

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make huge improvements in just about every aspect of healthcare, from helping doctors make people healthier to improving operations. But too often, the loftiest of ambitions get tripped up out of the gate by some decidedly low-level hurdles: incompatibilities that prevent researchers from combining different sets of records to…

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