Intel® Nervana™ Neural Network Processor

A New Class of Hardware that is AI by Design

Blazingly-fast Data Access

Training deep learning networks means moving a lot of data, and using best-in-class memory technologies. The Intel Nervana NNP leverages high-capacity, high-speed High Bandwidth Memory to provide the maximum level of on-chip storage and blazingly-fast memory access, and utilizes separate pipelines for computation and data management, so new data is available faster.

High Degree of Numerical Parallelism

To achieve higher degrees of throughput for neural network workloads, we have invented Flexpoint, a new numerical data format for the Intel Nervana NNP that delivers higher speed and higher compute density than conventional numerical formats. Flexpoint enables a vast increase in parallelism on a die while simultaneously decreasing power per computation.

Achieve New Levels of Scalability

Designed with high speed on- and off-chip interconnects, the Intel Nervana NNP enables massive bi-directional data transfer distributed across multiple chips. This makes multiple chips act as one large virtual chip that can accommodate larger models, allowing customers to capture more insight from their data.

Intel Nervana™ Neural Network Processor: Architecture Update

Recently, we announced a new architecture built from the ground up for neural networks, known as the Intel Nervana™ Neural Network Processor (NNP).  The goal of this new architecture is to provide the needed flexibility to support all deep learning primitives while making core hardware components as efficient as possible. We designed the NNP to…

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Intel Nervana Chip - Machine Learning

Intel® Nervana™ Neural Network Processors (NNP) Redefine AI Silicon

As our Intel CEO Brian Krzanich discussed earlier today at Wall Street Journal’s D.Live event, Intel will soon be shipping the world’s first family of processors designed from the ground up for artificial intelligence (AI): the Intel® Nervana™ Neural Network Processor family (formerly known as “Lake Crest”). This family of processors is over 3 years…

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Comparing dense compute platforms for AI

In the world of artificial intelligence, there has been a lot of talk about performance and capabilities of hardware platforms.  It is true that today’s computing power is what allowed the AI revolution to (re)happen and this is a combination of 1) increased data set sizes, and 2) high-density compute.  In this blog, I’d like…

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