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Nov 28, 2016

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Jessica Rosenthal

Sr. Content Marketing and Creative Lead, Artificial Intelligence Products Group

On November 17th, 2016, Intel hosted its first ever “AI Day” at Bespoke in San Francisco. #IntelAI soared to the top of Twitter’s trending hashtags as nearly 500 people piled in to watch Intel’s Brian Krzanich (CEO), Diane Bryant (EVP & GM Data Center Group), Doug Fisher (SVP & GM Software), and Doug Davis (SV IOTG) deliver insightful keynotes on Intel’s firm commitment to AI and the ‘Intelligence Revolution.’ Intel communicated its vision through an array of announcements of new partnerships, customer collaborations, benchmarks, and the unveiling of several new brand entities, with a heavy spotlight on Intel® Nervana™. The half-day event also included a series of technological deep-dive sessions, panel discussions, and press conferences.

technological deep-dive sessions

In case you weren’t able to make it to the event, here are some key AI Day take-aways that showcased Nervana:

The event opened with a welcome keynote from Brian Krzanich where he introduced deep learning and invited our former CEO & co-founder/Intel VP & GM of Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Naveen Rao, PhD, on stage.

key AI Day take-aways

Diane Bryant followed by announcing the Intel® Nervana™ Portfolio, which encompasses all AI solution offerings from Intel.

showcased Nervana

Bryant continued by unveiling the Intel® Nervana™ Platform as the foundation for highly-optimized AI solutions. She explained the addition to Intel’s hardware roadmap that tightly integrates Intel® Xeon® processors with Nervana’s silicon technology (codenamed Knights Crest) and stated our 2017 plans to roll-out the first deep learning chip (codenamed Lake Crest) sharing boldly that Intel® Nervana™ Platform will deliver a 100x reduction in time spent training compared to current solutions.

highly-optimized AI solutions

Intel also announced its strategic alliance with Google as Diane Bryant welcomed Diane Greene on stage. [Read more about the partnership here.]

Intel Nervana AI board

Intel also revealed the formation of the Intel® Nervana™ AI board (previously Nervana’s scientific advisor board) that features academic thought leaders whose innovative research is shaping the world of computing. The four founding members of the Intel AI Board are Yoshua Bengio (University of Montreal), Bruno Olshausen (UC Berkeley), Jan Rabaey (UC Berkeley) and Ron Dror (Stanford).

showcase the launch of the Intel Nervana AI Academy

Doug Fisher took the stage to showcase the launch of the Intel® Nervana™ AI Academy and its partnership with Coursera. The academy is a resource base for developers, academics, and startups by providing broad access to training and tools. [Read more about the academy details in Intel’s announcement blog.]

technical session on the Intel Nervana AI Hardware Portfolio

Naveen Rao took the stage again with Intel Fellow Pradeep Dubey and Movidius CEO Remi El-Ouazzane to share a technical session on the Intel Nervana AI Hardware Portfolio. During this deep dive, the speakers elaborated on how companies can get onto the “Path to 100x Performance” with AI by 2020.

showcased Nervana’s deep learning framework

Bill Savage showcased Nervana’s deep learning framework, neon, and announced the Intel® Nervana™ Graph which functions to accelerate deep learning frameworks on Intel silicon. [Check out our blog post “Preview Release: Intel® Nervana™ Graph” for more information on the technical preview release.]

The event ended with networking and press interviews. Here is a brief LIVE Periscope interview of our former VP of Algorithms and co-founder/Intel’s Sr Director Deep Learning Algorithms, Arjun Bansal, PhD, discussing AI Day and the Intel® Nervana™ Graph Announcement:

Needless to say, it was a very exciting day for the AI community and all of us here who work on the Nervana technology.

The Wall Street JournalZDNetCIOCNETFortuneForbes, and VentureBeat are some of the many outlets that have reported on the event’s success. You can check out the rest of the AI Day coverage here.

In case you want a deeper recap, footage of the AI Day presentations mentioned above is available below:

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Author Bio Image

Jessica Rosenthal

Sr. Content Marketing and Creative Lead, Artificial Intelligence Products Group

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