Intel AI at CVPR 2018

Salt Lake City | June 18-22


See what Intel AI is doing at CVPR 2018

The Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) is the premier event for leading developments in computer vision, and Intel® AI is proud to be showcasing technology and research at this year’s event. From hardware that excels at training massive, unstructured data sets, to extreme low-power silicon for on-device inference, and the software that enhances video neural networks across all our hardware, Intel AI vision solutions join our deep portfolio of general purpose, purpose-built, customizable and application-specific technologies for AI that ease the transition from model to deployment.

In addition to a number of technical papers and poster sessions, our showcase demos will include:

  • The University of California at San Francisco is running a unique 3D convolutional neural network to better identify knee meniscus damage in MRIs and help prevent debilitating osteoarthritis – both the training and inference run on their existing Intel Xeon-based architecture.
  • Pharma leader Novartis reduced training time from 11 hours to 31 minutes on incredibly dense cellular images to speed drug discovery, using Intel® Xeon® processors.
  • Intel® Movidius™ Myriad X VPU running imaging, CNN, and computer vision workloads simultaneously, all while operating in an ultra-low power envelope needed for edge devices.
  • The OpenVINO™ toolkit which accelerates IoT vision systems capabilities and deep learning inference from camera-to-cloud through optimized software that lets you quickly optimize trained models and deploy them to a variety of Intel hardware and accelerators.
  • Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras which offers ready-to use stereo depth and cross-platform, open source SDK and code samples to get your project up and running fast.
  • The AI Academy will be showcasing some of the great work from our Innovators and Student Ambassadors in the community.

Stop by our booth to learn more about:

Intel® Movidius™ VPUs

Intel Movidius VPUs deliver high performance imaging, vision and DNN at ultra-low power and are supported by an ecosystem featuring a wide range of OS, software, and hardware deployment options.

Explore Our Newest Tools and Hardware

Intel® OpenVino™ Toolkit

Build high performance computer vision applications and integrate deep learning inference with the new Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit. The toolkit helps developers and data scientists speed computer vision workloads, streamline deep learning deployments, and enable easy heterogeneous execution across Intel® platforms from camera to cloud.

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Intel® RealSense™ Technology

Intel RealSense™ Technology delivers optimized stereo depth capabilities and include our suite of end-to-end software solutions making it easy and cost-effective to bring exciting new sensing products to the broad market.

Bringing Computer Vision To Your Project. Learn How

Intel® AI Academy

Join us for an exclusive developer evening with the latest AI technical demos, poster chats with developers from our community, networking with leading Intel data scientists, and chances to win prizes. Don’t miss this FREE event.

Don’t Miss the Intel® AI DevJam at CVPR, June 17th. Register Now!

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