Jan 16, 2018   |   Azadeh Yazdan

The Future of Retail is All About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an engine that is poised to drive the future of retail to all-new destinations. We live in an era where a tremendous amount of data is being generated online and offline. However, access to larger datasets doesn’t lead to improved business results. The key to success is the ability to extract meaning…

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Jan 12, 2018   |   Casimir Wierzynski

The Challenges and Opportunities of Explainable AI

One of the most notable themes of NIPS 2017, against a backdrop of spectacular progress in AI on many fronts, was the fear of machine learning systems as black boxes: closed systems that receive an input, produce an output, and offer no clue why. The topic received its own symposium, capped by a fascinating debate…

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Jan 10, 2018   |  

Enhancing Motor Sports Viewing Experience with Fine-Grained Object Detection

Monday night at CES, Intel announced a partnership with the Ferrari Challenge North America Series* that will enhance the race viewing experience with the help of artificial intelligence technologies from Intel. The latest AI technologies allow enhancements to data analysis that will benefit motorsports viewers. For example, an AI model designed for fine-grained object detection…

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Dec 21, 2017   |   Intel AI

2017: What a Wonderful Year for AI

As 2017 draws to a close, we’d like to reflect on a momentous year for the Intel AI team.  Our artificial intelligence strategy is to help ensure that every data scientist, developer and practitioner has access to the best platform and easiest starting point to solve the problem being tackled. This year, we made significant…

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Dec 19, 2017   |   Itai Caspi, Gal Leibovich, Gal Novik

Reinforcement Learning Coach v0.9

Since the release of Coach a couple of months ago, we have been working hard to push it into new frontiers that will improve its usability for real world applications. In this release, we are introducing several new features that will move Coach forward in this direction. Imitation Learning First, we added several convenient tools…

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Dec 06, 2017   |   Carey Kloss

Intel® Nervana™ Neural Network Processor: Architecture Update

Recently, we announced a new architecture built from the ground up for neural networks, known as the Intel® Nervana™ Neural Network Processor (NNP).  The goal of this new architecture is to provide the needed flexibility to support all deep learning primitives while making core hardware components as efficient as possible. We designed the NNP to free…

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Dec 05, 2017   |   Arjun Bansal

Checking in with the Intel® AI Lab

Intel’s Artificial Intelligence Products Group has had a busy year. Last month, we announced the year-end  availability of the Intel Nervana™ Neural Network Processor, the first in a family of processors designed from the ground up for AI workloads. A few days later, we released the Reinforcement Learning Coach, an open source research framework for training…

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Dec 04, 2017   |   Jessica Rosenthal

Intel AI Showcased at Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS)

Today marks the beginning of the thirty-first annual conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2017), an interdisciplinary conference that brings together researchers in all aspects of neural and statistical information processing and computation, and their applications. The Intel AI team will be presenting publications and posters along with numerous workshops throughout the week.  …

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Nov 29, 2017   |   Naveen Rao

Artificial Intelligence at the Edge

Imagine being able to… … have a camera-enabled assistant monitor your aging parents to make sure they are alert and healthy … autonomously watch for product imperfections in factories without human interference … identify and locate lost hikers by using vision-enhanced drones to automatically send help … automatically recognize your petsitter and let him or…

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Nov 14, 2017   |   Wei Wang, Peng Zhang, Jayaram Bobba

neon v2.3.0: Significant Performance Boost for Deep Speech 2 and VGG models

We are excited to announce the release of neon™ 2.3.0.  It ships with significant performance improvements for Deep Speech 2 (DS2) and VGG models running on Intel® architecture (IA). For the DS2 model, our tests show up to 6.8X improvement1,4 with the  (Intel® MKL) backend over the NumPy CPU backend with neon™ 2.3.0, and more…

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