Apr 27, 2016   |   JD Co-Reyes

Blog Post (Part III): Deep Reinforcement Learning with OpenAI Gym

This is part 3 of a blog series on deep reinforcement learning. See “Part 1: Demystifying Deep Reinforcement Learning” for an introduction to the topic and “Part 2: Deep Reinforcement Learning with Neon” for the original implementation in Simple-DQN. In this blog post we will extend a Simple-DQN to work with OpenAI Gym, a new…

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Nov 04, 2015   |   JD Co-Reyes

Intern Spotlight: Implementing Language Models

Recurrent Neural Networks During my internship at Nervana Systems, I got to implement a few language models using Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN’s) and achieved a significant speedup in training image captioning models. RNN’s are good at learning relationships over sequences of data. So for example, a RNN could be fed characters of Shakespearean text, learn…

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