Dec 05, 2017   |   Arjun Bansal

Checking in with the Intel® AI Lab

Intel’s Artificial Intelligence Products Group has had a busy year. Last month, we announced the year-end  availability of the Intel Nervana™ Neural Network Processor, the first in a family of processors designed from the ground up for AI workloads. A few days later, we released the Reinforcement Learning Coach, an open source research framework for training…

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Mar 03, 2016   |   Arjun Bansal

Customer Focus: Blue River and the Future of Agricultural Robotics

At Nervana, we wanted to share with you some of our work in the agriculture industry to help optimize crop yields, and overall operations. Improving the success of these crops will help solve the food shortage crisis as the human population grows exponentially. This is something that we can all be grateful for. Blue River…

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Feb 02, 2016   |   Arjun Bansal

neon v1.2 release: Kepler & AWS support are back, Deep ResNets, and more

We are excited to share neon’s v1.2 release with the community, which has several major features (Kepler support, new macrobatch and serialization enhancements) and examples, along with an expanded Model Zoo to help users get started with their use cases. New storage format (docs) and data loader for loading datasets that do not fit in…

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